Bird friends on Copitch Mountain


One night Odin was very upset by some noise in the back yard. It turned out to be this baby owl practicing to fly. He would fall/fly from the tree and thud on the ground. Get its energy back and fly back up into the tree. The baby owl practiced for hours.

The green thing by the baby owl is Odin's toy.

He never puts his stuff away.



Mom owl watched and whoooooooo-ed her encouragement.

Odin was not happy with the thudding.


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Often when you are in the woods you are being watched. You only learn that you are being watched if the watcher moves or makes a sound. Can you see the hawk? It is a big hawk in the big woods.

This Red-tailed Hawk let us know it was watching.


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This female Ruby-throated hummingbird got caught in spider webs and became all tuckered out. Mrs. Copitch carefully removed the webs and waited for the friendly bird to catch her breath.

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This Ruby-throated hummingbird is being stalked by a praying mantis. The mantis is a powerful predator that can kill and eat a hummingbird, but not this day.

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