Copitch Family Pets and Furry Friends (And not so Furry)


Dr. Copitch likes big animals. He once said, "I haven't seen my feet since 1942, so I don't want to take a chance on stepping on one of my pet friends." (And FYI, he wasn't even born in 1942.)

Odin is named after the mythical Norse god of victory, father of Thor. He is half German Shepherd and half  Gray Wolf.

Unlike his name sake, Odin is a genial soul who often wants to sit on your lap. He presently weighs 181 pounds.

Meet Odin

Odin at 8 weeks old with  sunflower stuffie by the nose

Odin's first bath.

Odin after first bath, just before second bath.

Odin's early attempt with big boy ears.

Odin 8 months old - 91 lbs.

Odin at age 2, 125 lbs. and still growing.

Nekko the cat

This is pretty much all Nekko does.

Nekko is the Japanese word for cat.

Nekko likes to keep her nose warm while she naps. This can make for some interesting and adorable sounds.

Nekko isn't allowed on the table, but?

Nekko loves to play in Odin's dog food bag.

Nekko loves her couch!

Dr. Copitch's wild animal friends

Bear friend helping with our recycling.

Cougar in front yard tree.

We don't see cougars often. This young lady visited for about half an hour, then went on her way.

Every summer brings loads of snake friends.

Dr. Copitch captures them and relocates them a little further away from people.

Most of the time the snakes just put up with Dr. Copitch relocating them.

This particularly healthy fellow was a grumpy and fast individual. He showed off his fangs and shook his rattle threateningly. He did not like the idea of being relocated.

This little friend is a lynx, subspecies of bobcats (lynx rufus). They tend to be very shy, but Mrs. Copitch spied this one from the kitchen window. This was a tricky picture, but she got it. You can't sneak up on a Lynx... they tend to do the sneaking up!

Very young baby bunny. I hope she stays away from the lynx. This picture is about her actual size.

This little lady was every protective of her 3 egg sacks. After a few minutes she settled down and let me take a picture of her belly showing her red hour glass..

This is a very healthy Latrodectus hesperus, commonly called the western black widow spider.

Latrodectus hesperus males tend to be light brown with tan swirls. They often mate many times in their short lifetime. So the name "black widow" often is an exaggeration. Males are about half the size of females.

Black widows are highly venomous.

This is an Orb Weaver Spider. I found her during a night hike around midnight. This photo is about actual size. She surely is a big girl. Isn't she pretty!

More info:

KINGDOM: Animalia

PHYLUM: Arthropoda

CLASS: Arachnida

ORDER: Araneae

FAMILY: Araneidae (orb-weaver spiders)

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