Odin the wolf: Too big to be allowed

This is the look Odin gives you if you have something in your hand that he wants. It could be a ball, a bone, or just your hand.

All he knows is that he wants it.

He is very playful that way.

Odin is two months old and working on his bark!

Odin, 11 months old.

Odin doesn't share.

Odin likes sneaking around in the woods. On this foggy night he practiced sneaking quietly...

Odin enjoys the spring run off. He doesn't seem to care that the water is COLD!


2 1/2 years old

Odin is playing with a woodland friend.

The mouse was not as happy as Odin seems to be.

Found me some bugs.

Odin enjoys a cool drink of cold creek water.

Odin wants to go for a ride in Josh's truck.

LT - 090909 - 180x150 Logo

Odin is getting so big, 181 pounds, that he takes up the whole step.

He likes it when you crawl over him.

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